Omg My First Post!!

Firstly thank you for stopping by my newbie blog! I hope you all join me on my journey to get healthy and find me again.

The last few years I have had every excuse under the sun to not be healthy and get fit:

  • I’ve had a baby
  • I don’t have time
  • I can’t afford it

But I am lying to myself, I was healthier and lighter during my pregnancy and got straight back into my jeans, I do have the time I just need to organise myself properly and working out is free. You just need to get up and move!

I have also placed a lot on my ecptopic pregnancies, which to be fair have knocked me for six but I will talk more about my experience in the separate tab above.

So tonight, first blog and first bike ride. I have been saying for ages I want a bike as I have amazing memories of bike riding whilst growing up and I used to ride around all day so how hard can it be?

Well omg was I wrong, I thought I was going to die 5 minutes after heading off and hitting a hill straight away.

Hubbie had already planned a 6km so called beginners route, this did not feel like a beginners route.


Dwayne waiting patiently for me to catch up lol

I will admit I struggled, I struggled bad and on many occasions I had to get off and walk for a bit as I felt like my legs were turning to jelly.

The route was beautiful and through the lanes around Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. Perfectly planned was a gorgeous little pub halfway where we stopped off for a quick drink and frankly time to try and breathe again.

The Three Horseshoes Pub

After a very quick stop it was time to try and get my legs working again and head home, this was the hard bit. Home was now mainly up hill and ouch ouch ouch my legs felt like stone.

Eventually after stopping and walking some bits I made it home and although I ached and felt like I was going to collapse, I also felt energised and ready to go again. I genuinely enjoyed it and it was nice to have something to do with the hubbie as after six years we have done the dinners, movies, clubbing and standard dates this was a great opportunity to get out, get healthy and in between panting have a good chat.

Β For those interested here is my route details:

The last picture is at the end and back home, the bike is keeping me up! I really do not recognise the girl in the picture and do not know who she is.

Hopefully in time I will be back to me and healthy.

Lucy x

2 thoughts on “Omg My First Post!!

  1. Hello dear Lucy. You are amazing and you will find yourself again. Fitness is free and not only will it benefit your physical health it will benefit your mental health too.
    I love my workouts….they keep my mind focused and help me to de-stress.
    The best of luck and I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

    Xxx Xxx Xxx Xxx


  2. Thank you for sharing this journey from the very beginning! Best of luck with your fitness and your blog- I will enjoy catching up in future posts and seeing how you are getting on!


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