Blood (well bruised), sweat and gears….

Hello all,

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you for all the support with this blog. It has been amazing. I wrote the Ectopic page in tears and honestly, I’ve felt better for it.

The messages I have been receiving from loads of you out there have been such a great support. It is horrible to think that we are all going through similar experiences but most, if not all are struggling in silence. I hope I can help you heal along the way, as you lot have with me. I am always here.

Now even I am surprised in writing this but I have continued with the cycling and am somehow still alive! I am genuinely enjoying it even if I am struggling and have to stop every now and then.

We are sticking to the same route at the moment whilst I try and build up my strength. The hard part about my route and any route I go on is that I live on a hill.


Didn’t I mention how steep it is and no matter what way I go I have to return up hill!!! I hear your cries for me! lol

Belly & I before we heading out! I literally look 9 months pregnant!

I had a lot more confidence on this ride. I knew where I was going and also to appreciate a good gear change. Going down a hill fast helps you go back up the other side quicker. Who knew?

I literally had no idea about changing gears and stayed on no 1 using the same 5 gears. Dwayne explained after seeing my legs peddling like mad that I actually had 15 gears! After a change to a lower gear, it was much easier to ride along and I actually felt like I was going somewhere.

We beat our previous ride this time round and got to the half way stop in 14 minutes compared to the 25 minutes before. I was feeling a bit chuffed with myself even though I knew the hard bit was still to come.

For those of you who follow me on Instragram, this is when the live video was filmed. I had to get off the bike and walk up the hill a bit as my knees had gone to jelly! I made it home and the standard of dying on the living room floor is now my new routine!

Can I also say, my god my bum hurts!!! (Enter your own dirty joke in here). Wow just inside my thighs feels like they have been bashed with a steak hammer! When I got back on the bike it really hurt, you know when someone sees a bruise on your arm or something and pokes it? Yeah like that, but constant! Because of this new found thigh bruise dilemma, I have been and treated myself to a new saddle today! In the shop I asked where the bike seats were before I was corrected and directed to the “saddles”! I will be a professional one day! lol

How professional, or more importantly comfortable does it look?


Other News

I really do feel like I have woken up again this week. I have avoided people for a few months and have now started to get out and about again. One of the nice things is people telling me how well I look. I feel that this is mainly down to me putting an end to the mourning and hiding away. I want to be me again. I want to be the sassy and somewhat bitchy diva that I am known for and to stop being a victim.

In between cycles I have been swimming, not massive workout but still ensuring I am out and about. I have also joined Slimming World, now I went at the end of the meeting so the leader didn’t have the time to explain it to me so I am little confused what I need to do. If anyone has any good tips then PLEASE send them to me!!!

I hope you’re all continuing to enjoy my journey with me! For those that want to leave a comment, the comment button is now located at the top of this post.

Speak soon, Lucy xxx



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