Iron Mum

Hello all,

Drum roll please…



Today I did an Iron Man… no seriously I did! Stop laughing!!!

Well, “ish”. I have had quite an active day today. I have walked, swam and had a bike ride today and let me tell you I am a big red, sweating, puffing mess.

I have struggled today, my knees seem to be the worst. They feel like they just turn to jelly and don’t want to move.

Since my last blog the weather has been horrific and we have been searching for a bike trailer for our son to join us and make this a family journey.

20170607_170548Archie loving his new bike roller coasterΒ 

I wish I could have recorded his giggles and cheers as we rode along, it was brilliant!

Here is a proper rundown of my active day:

I am really proud of myself today, I have been meaning to walk to Archies’ school for the past year now but have always had to run off to work. Luckily I have a few days off before starting a new job. The weather was nice today so I thought why not. I met a school mum who lives close by and we enjoyed a lovely walk down.

We had a quick stop off at the park on the way home before Archie announced he needed a wee-wee and would only go on a proper toilet. He clearly has my standards and not his Dads! lol

We headed home and Daddy followed not long after, quick change and we headed off to the swimming pool. We tried to do a few laps but struggled as we have a daredevil of a son who insists on jumping in at the deep end!!!


After teaching him a few laps, we had a splash around, chilled in the jacuzzi and headed home so I could make my first Slimming World weigh in.

We came home, hopped on our bikes and headed off to my weigh in. As I said above I struggled BIG TIME on this bike ride. After not doing much for a few days, I really regret it as my legs felt like jelly and I got off quite a few times. I looked like an old drunk heading home trying to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep pushing my bike!

Even my lovely phone got in on the act and was ever so encouraging. It kept yelling out “workout stopped” every time I got off!!! Cheers Samsung!!!

Slimming World

My weeks been going really well and I managed to lose 6lbs this week!!! I am really impressed with myself. Slimming World is really good as it is basically just eating healthy and maintaining it. My biggest mistake is skipping breakfast and lunch and then snacking like mad in the afternoon, so I have made sure that I have been planning out my meals and ensuring everything is ready.

I have cut out pretty much all carbs this week trying to fill up with salad. 9 times out of 10 I have been enjoying it but I did have a down day and craved McDonald’s. Mainly my besties fault as she said it isn’t going to go away so just have some! lol

Even with that naughty indulgence I am still really proud of my weight loss being much more fitter. I hate just sitting around indoors and wasting days away but once you finish work and get home there isn’t much you can do in the UK.

Ectopic Pregnancy

I have had the joys of having my hormones crash this week and starting to get back to normal. Whilst I am over the moon to finally get back to normal and have this process finished, my god am I emotional at the moment! Everything makes me either want to cry or punch it/them/him (hubbie mainly). I hope my hormones settle soon as I have just been offered a dream job.

Anyway, I think that is enough talking for now!!

Speak soon, Lucy xxx



Blood (well bruised), sweat and gears….

Hello all,

Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you for all the support with this blog. It has been amazing. I wrote the Ectopic page in tears and honestly, I’ve felt better for it.

The messages I have been receiving from loads of you out there have been such a great support. It is horrible to think that we are all going through similar experiences but most, if not all are struggling in silence. I hope I can help you heal along the way, as you lot have with me. I am always here.

Now even I am surprised in writing this but I have continued with the cycling and am somehow still alive! I am genuinely enjoying it even if I am struggling and have to stop every now and then.

We are sticking to the same route at the moment whilst I try and build up my strength. The hard part about my route and any route I go on is that I live on a hill.


Didn’t I mention how steep it is and no matter what way I go I have to return up hill!!! I hear your cries for me! lol

Belly & I before we heading out! I literally look 9 months pregnant!

I had a lot more confidence on this ride. I knew where I was going and also to appreciate a good gear change. Going down a hill fast helps you go back up the other side quicker. Who knew?

I literally had no idea about changing gears and stayed on no 1 using the same 5 gears. Dwayne explained after seeing my legs peddling like mad that I actually had 15 gears! After a change to a lower gear, it was much easier to ride along and I actually felt like I was going somewhere.

We beat our previous ride this time round and got to the half way stop in 14 minutes compared to the 25 minutes before. I was feeling a bit chuffed with myself even though I knew the hard bit was still to come.

For those of you who follow me on Instragram, this is when the live video was filmed. I had to get off the bike and walk up the hill a bit as my knees had gone to jelly! I made it home and the standard of dying on the living room floor is now my new routine!

Can I also say, my god my bum hurts!!! (Enter your own dirty joke in here). Wow just inside my thighs feels like they have been bashed with a steak hammer! When I got back on the bike it really hurt, you know when someone sees a bruise on your arm or something and pokes it? Yeah like that, but constant!Β Because of this new found thigh bruise dilemma, I have been and treated myself to a new saddle today! In the shop I asked where the bike seats were before I was corrected and directed to the “saddles”! I will be a professional one day! lol

How professional, or more importantly comfortable does it look?


Other News

I really do feel like I have woken up again this week. I have avoided people for a few months and have now started to get out and about again. One of the nice things is people telling me how well I look. I feel that this is mainly down to me putting an end to the mourning and hiding away. I want to be me again. I want to be the sassy and somewhat bitchy diva that I am known for and to stop being a victim.

In between cycles I have been swimming, not massive workout but still ensuring I am out and about. I have also joined Slimming World, now I went at the end of the meeting so the leader didn’t have the time to explain it to me so I am little confused what I need to do. If anyone has any good tips then PLEASE send them to me!!!

I hope you’re all continuing to enjoy my journey with me! For those that want to leave a comment, the comment button is now located at the top of this post.

Speak soon, Lucy xxx