Gruffalo Hunting

Hey all,

We have had a really busy week this week, we finally found a cheap bike trailer for Archie to join us on our bike rides, I have been cracking on with Slimming World and hunting for Gruffalo.

We thought what better way to test out the new trailer or in Archies words his bike roller-coaster!


We headed up to Wendover Woods in Aylesbury for some Gruffalo hunting on what turned out to be a beautiful Summers Day!

Wendover is great for a family day out, parking is usually £6 for the day but we got very lucky as their payment machines were down we got free parking! Made our day even cheaper!!

We parked up near Go Ape (another great reason for a day out there!) and headed off towards the cafe for our Gruffalo pack! The Cafe has loads of seating and offers a great selection of food. There are clean toilets and even an ice cream hut!

Across from the Cafe and before you start the trail is a great big park with an assault course for the little ones. There was a lot of work going on so hopefully they are adding to it.

As Archie was playing in the park, I called him over and told him that I had just seen the Gruffalo and he told me he is going to hide! He asked if Archie can find him! So off we set on our adventure!! This is a great trail with loads of clues hidden along the way, we found loads of look out spots for clues. Archie kept spotting them hidden in the bushes. You will also find a spinning disc with hidden pictures to give you a little clue of what animal you might be close to.

Eventually you will find a sign with a coloured circle on it, make sure you download the app as you will need to scan the circle and this is when the magic begins! It will slowly reveal who you have found and then they pose for a picture. This blow Archie’s mind!! He loved this and couldn’t believe Mummys’ magic phone!

Now where is the cycling I hear you ask?

Well I think I am still trying to catch my breath! Dwayne forgot to mention how hilly Wendover is, it’s VERY high!!! We got a bit lost on one of the tracks and stupidly cycled from the top all the way down to the bottom only to realise that we had to get back up to our car!!!

We managed about halfway before we got off our bikes and walked back up, not one to miss out, Archie decided he’d get out and walk with us before giving up after about 20 metres with a “dad I think i’m knackered” and climbing back into his roller-coaster.

Here are the stats for my ride:


Look at the hill!!!! My phone recorded that I also walked 5 miles this day as well!! I am feeling slightly chuffed that I am breaking all my records. It was really lovely to be out and enjoying cycling. This was a really tough ride and I thought I could not go on. Dwayne turned all American Coach on me, lovingly encouraged me with some great sayings like “Pain is just laziness leaving the body”.

Wind it in Sergeant Bilko!! Seriously…

It really has started to change me, I used to put make up on just to go to the shop but now I am out riding in my fitness clothes with not a scrap on and loving it! I really think this is going to be a positive change in our lives.

The views up there were stunning! It is a great place to stop and have a picnic. They also have BBQ’s you can use.

I will do a Slimming World blog soon to update you on what I’ve been eating and how much I have lost.

Speak soon,

Love Lucy xx